History: Roman Workshop for Year 5 and 6 Pupils


At the end of February, children from Years 5 and 6 at Bede's Prep School were transported back to life in Britain over 2000 years ago, courtesy of a workshop run by the Rainbow Theatre. 

Right from the beginning all the children were involved in the action as they took  part in a mock battle, either as a Roman invader or as a Celt trying to protect their country.


3The children then went on to assist in a variety of scenes from Roman life - at home, at school, at the baths, at the theatre, at the temple, at the courthouse, at the market or even as a member of the Roman army.

The enthusiasm and interest shown by the children during the workshop has been reflected in the high quality of written work they have produced since.

These have included diary entries, letters home from Hadrian's Wall, posters, drawings and newspaper reports. 


Sally Collins

Director of Staffing