MFL: Bede’s Prep Pupils Enjoy French Play


Pupils who study French in Years 5 to 8 enjoyed a whirlwind performance of The Flying Theatre's 'Bon Voyage' on Monday 24 March. 

A troupe of only 3 actors produced a show which kept the children engaged for over an hour with dialogue entirely in rapid, fluent French (with lots of magic tricks thrown in)!

The central topic of the piece was 'holidays', which providing the opportunity to incorporate a wide range of core vocabulary familiar to pupils at the Prep School, including geographical locations, transport, weather, food and drink and leisure activities.


Pierre, Lola and Didier were zany characters with a zest for life and each had his or her own appeal.

Circus tricks gave way to gags, mime and - la pièce de resistance - the liberal use of a water sprayer (how better to demonstrate 'la pluie'?).

The quality of the acting was excellent and the energy of the actors incredible. Comments from the children afterwards were full of praise for the fun they had experienced.


With Bon Voyage, The Flying Theatre company was able to make full use of the key element in effective language acquisition: if the activity makes the language meaningful, there is no need for conscious explanation and that is when the deepest learning takes place.

Opportunities like these are a vital part of the Prep School's MFL curriculum as they allow the children to see the living language - and how much fun you can have messing around in French! 

Louise Galletly

Head of Modern Foreign Languages