PSHCE: Year 3 Meet The Mayor at Eastbourne Town Hall


Year 3 went to Eastbourne Town Hall on Tuesday March 18th to meet with the Mayor as part of their studies of "Our Town" and the local community.

2The children learnt about the role of the Mayor and were lucky enough to be given a comprehensive tour of the Town Hall by the Mayor, Councillor Mike Thompson and the Mayor's chauffeur, Robert Ramsden.

The pupils were fascinated to learn about how the role of Mayor has changed over the years and about the room where the first Mayor (in 1883) would have sent prisoners to jail via the underground passageway to the cells in the interlinked police station!

The children also enjoyed seeing the Mayor don his official robes and they even got to touch the chains of office.


On returning to school, the children were then able to complete their topic with a much greater understanding of the impact the Mayor has on his local community. 

Our thanks go to Councillor Mike Thompson and those who made us feel so welcome on the day.

Cecy Kemp

Integrated Studies Teacher