PSHCE: Year 4 Pupils Meet with Councillor Gill Mattock


Year 4 took part in a very close run election in March, having had the opportunity to meet Councillor Gill Mattock and learn about the role of a local councillor.

Councillor Mattock needed a deputy to help her with her duties whilst she was visiting, so an election was held. There were three parties, The Cream Party, The Pink Party and The Green Party.

The three candidates were Freddie Frame, Tom Hayes and Kirsten Barker. Each gave a speech to persuade who the voters should vote for. Once the votes were in and counted, the returning officer announced the result of the closely fought battle.


The candidate for The Pink Party, Tom Hayes, just pipped the other two candidates at the finish and was elected Cllr Mattock's deputy. 

Councillor Mattock went on to explain the duties that she has to perform as a councillor and then asked the children to discuss in their groups how they would spend £10,000 within the community to improve amenities for its residents.

Their ideas were shared and then the children were able to ask questions. The question, 'What happens if two parties have the same amount of votes?' had a most surprising answer.


The answer was that after a recount and they still had the same number of votes, they would toss a coin to find the winner!

It was a very informative and interesting workshop and talk, enjoyed by all the Year 4 children and their teachers.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Teacher