Religious Studies: Indian Morning for Year 4 Pupils


Year 4 enjoyed a morning of Indian activities to enrich their Integrated Studies topic, India, for this term.

The children dressed in Indian clothes and brought in delicious Indian snacks that they had made at home. They brought these snacks into school in the morning, in tiffin tins that they had been given, the previous week. The snacks ranged from chicken tikka kebabs, onion bhajis to sweet apple snacks.

2In maths the children practised counting to ten in Hindi and writing numbers to fifty, using Hindi symbols. Following this, their English lesson became a Hindi lesson and the children wrote out 'My name is….' and their name in Hindi.

After all this hard work there was only one thing to do, have a snack! So tiffin tins were excitedly opened and the contents and aroma revealed. They all smelt and looked delicious.

When lunchtime arrived the children collected up their tiffin tins and used these snacks to supplement the wonderful chicken and vegetable curries that the catering team had prepared especially for the day.


The experience was enjoyed by all and it was certainly well deserved after a very hard-working term, on India, for the children.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Teacher