Religious Studies: Year 4 visit to Brighton Pavilion and Museum


On Tuesday 25th March Year 4 visited Brighton Pavilion. This was to support the children's studies of India, their Integrated Studies topic for the Spring Term.

The children took part in a workshop examining Indian artefacts at the Brighton Museum (formerly the Pavilion stables). During the workshop children looked at cooking implements, the process of a Hindu wedding and many items of Indian clothing. The children had the opportunity to dress in saris, turbans and dhotis.


After lunch, we were given a guided tour of the Pavilion, with special emphasis on the Indian influence of the structure and decoration of the building. We also learnt about one of the Pavilion's former residents, King George IV and his extravagant dinner parties with 60 or more courses, at one sitting!

The elaborate patterns and decoration were beautiful, particularly the extensive use of gold and the palm tree motifs.


The children were also very interested to learn about the 12,000 Indian soldiers treated at the Pavilion during the First World War, when it was turned into a hospital.

They lay on their backs in the Music Room and imagined being one of those soldiers, opening their eyes from their hospital bed, viewing the beautiful ceiling for the first time.


The tour of the Pavilion and Indian workshop at Brighton Museum were an excellent way to consolidate the children's learning and extend their knowledge of India.

Annie Fuller

Year 4 Teacher