History: Year 5 Pupils Stage Ancient Greek Olympics


As a culmination of their learning about Ancient Greece, Year 5 celebrated with their own ancient Greek Olympics on the final Monday before the Easter holidays.

Preparations began with a two hour workshop in the morning with the children being allocated a team: Athens, Corinth, Persia or Sparta. Each team then had to select individuals to represent them in the discus, standing long jump, running and chariot races. (Others had to be the horses and wheels for the chariots!)


Each team also had to prepare a welcoming speech to be used in the opening ceremony later in the day and rehearse those elected to present them.

To ensure that all the children looked the part, they then had to work together to create a traditional ancient Greek chiton from a sheet as well as winners' laurel wreath for each member of their team.

Looking authentically attired, the pupils then made their way to the dining room for an ancient Greek-style feast to build up their stamina in preparation for the afternoon's events.  


The delicious spread of lamb kebabs, pitta bread, olives, salad and red or white 'wine' was expertly prepared by our enthusiastic catering team.

There were even some suitable 'prayers' to Zeus, king of the gods, in thanks for the meal!

Following an entertaining opening ceremony on a slightly smaller scale than London 2012, the Games began. New and surprising talents were discovered and much fun and laughter was had.


In the end, in true ancient Greek style, only one competitor was declared the winner in each event, but after a whole term's hard work in preparation for this day, it's fair to say that all 34 children in the year group truly deserved their winners' wreaths.

Natalie Calvin

Year 5 Teacher