Charity Fundraising: Friends of Bede's Holds Sandwich Sale


On Thursday 22 May, the Friends of Bede's Prep held a 'Bacon Butty Sale' for the children during their afternoon break, raising £200 for Pevensey Cancer Unit.

This was the first event held by the Friends where the proceeds were going to this year's chosen charity - the refurbishment of the Pevensey Cancer Unit at Eastbourne District Hospital.

Following a dreary, rainy morning the sun broke out just in time so that the sale could take place on the terrace, outside the Dining Room.

It was a great success; queues built up quickly and the Friends, made up of parents and staff - along with the chef - struggled to keep up with the high demand from the hungry hoards of children!

They soon got into their stride however, and every child came away happy and replete.

The local Sussex Bacon Company gave the Friends a very generous discount meaning that nearly £200 was raised during the afternoon.

The Friends of Bede's would like to thank everyone for their continued support!

Jacqui Howell

Chair, Friends of Bede's