Geography: Years 3 and 4 Attend Drusilla’s Workshops


To enhance their learning about the Maasai people, illegal hunting and habitats, Years 3 and 4 visited Drusillas Zoo Park recently for a series of enlightening workshops.

After a walk through the zoo, Year 3 went for a workshop on life in the Maasai Mara.  They learnt about how Maasai people traditionally lived and how young Maasai people are having to make choices between the traditional way of life and more westernized living. 


Four children were dressed up in traditional Maasai clothing - Imogen Wells was a Maasai mother, who would traditionally undertake most of the work in the tribe; Luke Turner was a warrior who would take responsibility for protecting his tribe until he was older, when he would be allowed to return to the tribe to marry. Donnie Cecil and Lena Jiang-Bennett were then dressed as their Maasai children.


Next, we saw some of the many things that have been confiscated by UK Revenue and Customs, such as animal skins and elephant and rhino horns. The children were then encouraged to consider the impact illegal hunting has on animals that are already endangered or near extinction. 


After Year 4 enjoyed their picnic lunch in a shady part of the park it was time for their workshop on Habitats and Adaptation.


To help the children's understanding of how animals adapt to survive in their habitat, two willing volunteers dressed up with accessories and clothing suitable for their environment.


Dominic Goudarzi was an Emperor Penguin, complete with a snorkel and flippers, while Kirsten Barker dressed as a camel with tennis rackets on her feet to represent cloven hooves that do not sink in the sandy desert!


Following this, we met a bearded dragon and three very cute fat-tailed gerbils, all of whom lay very still in the workshop leader's hand, both on their tummies and on their backs!


After the workshops, we then had time for a further look round the zoo and some time in the play park. The weather was beautiful, the sun shone all day and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Annie Fuller and Cecy Kemp

Year 3 and 4 Teachers