Leavers' Programme: Year 8 Camp Out at Blacklands Farm


As we write the Leaver's Camp article we are sitting in a field with the sun beating down.

The girls are in a large circle discussing life; the boys have got football, rugby balls and Frisbee's flying everywhere and then the ice cream van arrives.

What a halcyon summer day!


The Abseil wall is here is about 15 metres high; adorning helmets and harnesses Year 8 showed no fear, just pure adrenaline as they threw themselves off the top.

Crate Climbing was all about the fine art of team work and learning to rely on your peers, but it even the most challenging relationships blossomed under these circumstances.

The children began by climbing the crates in pairs, holding on to each other for dear life. They then moved on to do it as individuals.


My goodness Joely Gibson, with her fabulous command of dance and all the physical discipline it entails, managed to climb 22.5 crates! A first for Bede's but more to the point a first for Blacklands. She was like Tinkerbelle!

My personal favourite activity was the kayaking. The reservoir is magnificent but only wish I could say the same of the children; at least half of them ended up swimming around, life jackets up under their chins, kayaks upside down!


Then of course night is a magic time on camp. As the sun goes down and the bonfire is lit, the true spirit of all that Bede's is comes into its own.

The spirit of community, a group of young and old all striving for the same thing; peaceful contentment at the end of a long day.

Whether they have been at Bede's since Nursery or have only just joined us, this magic setting created the perfect ending to this Year 8 cohort's Leavers' Programme.

I wish them all the very best in the journey through life that's ahead of them.