Year 1: Castles Made of Sand


As part of our topic "Up, Up and Away" Year 1 visited the beach last week to begin to explore and compare Geographical locations. 

They had been specifically studying the United Kingdom prior to the visit. They were given the task to collectively collect and create the outline of the United Kingdom clearly highlighting the features of the different Countries.


The children excitedly collected a range of pebbles, chalk etc to finish their activity.  They then plotted where Eastbourne would be, and London.

They then went in different groups to create a London landmark of their choice. 


The children thought carefully as to what objects they used, including seaweed, driftwood, pebbles which then grew into impressive replicas of the London Eye, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

This week, Year 1 will be walking to the Downs to overlook the coastline to then further consider and reflect upon the different locations studied.