Religious Studies: Bede's Pupils Wash Feet in Year 7 Classes


Year 7 have been learning about the importance of washing feet in Religious Studies, which is something that occurs a fair amount in the New Testament!

The washing of guests' feet was an important daily ritual when guests arrived at a house.


In a time when only the rich wore shoes, and people's feet were far more exposed to the elements, this not only made the guests more comfortable but also ensured that dirt and diseases did not spread into the house. 

We looked at this with particular reference to the story of 'The Woman and Simon the Pharisee', where the act of washing the feet is transformed from an everyday occurrence  to a public act of contrition.


Ruben's famous painting, 'Christ at Simon the Pharisee'

In a similar way, Jesus humbles himself before his disciples, by washing their feet during the Last Supper.

This was part of a more general topic about outcasts in society - who they are and how we treat them today.


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