Ceramics Club: Bede’s Pupils Print Onto Earthenware


Pupils in Bede's Prep School's Ceramics Club have been using textured wallpaper to print onto white clay and earthenware.

Formed this term by new Head of Art Mrs Armitage, the group, which consists of pupils from Years 6-8, meets at the Fishing Flint Cottage, a listed building, on Mondays and Tuesdays.

"The aim of the Club is to help pupils learn about joining clay, basic construction and firing processes in a fun, informal way, outside of a traditional academic setting," explained Mrs Armitage.


"To create these works, pupils made and printed individual sections separately. The small sections are then placed into moulds while the pupils join each individual piece of clay together. A lot of focus and attention is required, and patience too!"

Elsewhere this term, students have created underworld creatures, textured bowls and Christmas decorations to hang on their Christmas trees.


Bede's Headmaster, Giles Entwisle, said of the club, "The Co-Curricular Programme throughout the Bede's family of schools is about enabling children to broaden their range of experiences, develop esoteric passions and see life as a learning journey.

"Moreover," he continued, "when it comes to something like Ceramics Club specifically, it is invaluable for children to experience what it means to take a primary resource and follow the process through to an end product."

To create their most recent work, pupils have fired their creations 3 times in the kiln, with copper oxide being applied after the first firing before adding a transparent glaze.


"The top temperature is 1100oc," said Ceramics Club member Jackson, from Year 8, who added, "The Club is fun and interesting and I have learnt a lot from the process."  


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