Charity Fundraising: Bede's Prep Pupils Visit Eastbourne Food Bank


Following this year's Harvest celebrations, a group of Prep School children went to the Eastbourne Foodbank to see for themselves what happened to the food they, their parents and staff had collected in aid of the Trussell Trust.

Bede's Prep Pupils Visit Eastbourne Food Bank

The children joined the regular volunteers in sorting the 208 Kg of food into categories and by date order, had a tour of the building and found out about the number of families helped on a weekly basis by the Trussell Trust.


The pupils learned how the families are referred to the food bank (and for what sorts of reasons) and about the other initiatives run by the trust, such as cookery lessons and a clothes bank.


The children were complimented for their teamwork, interest and enthusiasm by the manager and regular volunteers.

As one of the group said as we left the centre, 'it was a real eye-opener.'


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