Bede's Pre-Prep Nativity Play Enthrals Parents


As you will know if you attended, "A Magical Christmas Journey" was exactly that!

The Holywell children guided the audience through the excitement of Christmas, hanging stockings, preparing mince pies, Christmas cake, presents and crackers to then searching for the perfect Christmas tree.


The Magical Star led the children through fields of sheep and a hot desert, eventually reaching their final destination: a stable.

Mary and Joseph were incredibly welcoming and shared their joy of the birth of their son Jesus.


The children were genuinely outstanding. Year 2 learnt their lines brilliantly; their confidence to speak and act in front of packed audiences reflects the skills they learn within school to be confident independent members of the school and wider community.

All the Holywell children performed so well and sang beautifully. Mrs Barrett taught the songs to the children with Mrs Mizon, our specialist Dance teacher, choreographing the dances and Mr Meier put the finishing shine on the performance with the lighting.


It was a truly team effort with the children at the forefront.

The children have even received thank you letters from some of the school governors, who applaud their performance in its entirety!


Many congratulations to all the children and thank you to all of the families who attended.


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