Art and Science: Bede’s Prep Wins Young Engineers Challenge


Bede's Prep School won the 22nd annual Young Engineers Challenge last weekend, with the team of Oscar, James, Freya and Georgie seeing off tough competition from 19 other local school teams.

Organised by Eastbourne Education Business Partnership on behalf of the Eastbourne Engineering Club, the challenge focused on the application of delivery drones and the principles of flight, aerofoils and airscrews.

James, who is in Year 7, said of the experience, "The drones were fantastic. It was really impressive to see what they were capable of doing in the Sports Hall!"


The team gets to work...

The competition kicked off with a presentation by Chris Hayton from Northbrook College and some demonstration drone flights by Brighton Video Productions and Sussex Productions.

The teams of Year 6 and Year 7 pupils were then tasked with working with their Design and Science teachers to build two free-fall delivery drones that would be flight-tested carrying a raw egg, working from a common design using a variety of supplied materials and their own ideas.

The teams refined their performance during flight tests, experiencing a range of important engineering, problem solving and team working tasks.


Oscar, deep in concentration...

Final flight testing from the roof height of the Bede's Prep School Sports Hall produced a variety of interesting results!

"The challenge was hard," continued James.

"The most difficult part was working out how to protect the egg when it fell from a great height. We did two things, including putting cushioning inside the basket which held the egg and refining the blades of our propeller to be more vertical than the other designs. It was these innovations which we think won us the competition."

The teams were judged on their innovation, the design and quality of construction, teamwork and the condition of the egg on landing. Councillor Janet Coles attended the competition to assist with the judging and present the prizes to the winners.


"Our 22nd annual challenge helped to put some real engineering lessons in context for the pupils and was great fun," commented Tim Sorensen on behalf of Eastbourne EBP.

The Bede's Prep team gratefully received the Young Engineers Challenge Trophy as well as special Team and Individual prizes, with all participants received a special certificate in recognition of their achievements.


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