English, ICT and Maths: Year 1’s Penguins are Lost and Found!


At the beginning of the Spring Term, Year 1 arrived at School to find some penguins who had decided to make the classrooms in Holywell their home. 

The children began researching how to look after their new friends, named Chilly, Snowy, and Sardine through a wide range of Literacy, Numeracy, Computing and Creative activities.


On Monday, when the children arrived at school, they were in total disbelief as they found their new friends had disappeared! A note from the penguins was left in their classroom home, with Penguin footprints and clues around both Holywell and the Prep school for the children to work out where they might be hiding.

The children excitedly worked together to plan how best to find their friends creating lists, codes, maps and signs to help them. The children also decided to make and display 'Lost' posters thinking about using appropriate descriptive vocabulary.  


Fortunately, having successfully decoded the clues, we located the penguins.  Sardine and Chilly were found sitting comfortably on the sofa's in Mr Upton's office, and were particularly cheeky escaping again during playtime to be found happily sitting ready to watch their Swimming lesson!

The children were then most surprised to see Snowy sitting at our lunch table munching on some fish!


The children were delighted that they had found their cheeky penguins and decided that they should go home with one of us every day so that they don't get lonely again.

This excitement has subsequently led to some outstanding creative writing based upon the text Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.


The level of writing produced demonstrated a significant maturity in such young children. Well done to all!


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