English and Science: Reception Children Study Winter Changes


The Reception children have enjoyed making the most out of the inclement weather over the past couple of weeks by learning about the changes we can see in winter.

There was much excitement when the snow appeared this week and the children demonstrated their superb letter formation skills by writing their names in the snow.


We also saw their creative side as they made some beautiful winter ice art. After collecting some natural materials from the garden they put them in water and froze their creations. The effect was stunning when they hung them up outside and the children had a go at predicting how long the ice would take to melt.


Finally, the children really put their problem solving skills to the test. When they arrived at school they found a very large block of ice with some animals stuck inside. With a friend they had to read the clues using their phonic skills. They then had to discuss the clues and try to decide what animals were stuck.


The children had a go at writing the name of the animal on the white board and then, after they had tried different ways of removing the animals but to no avail, someone finally came up with the idea of running the ice under warm water!


There was much excitement as the children discovered if they had solved their clues correctly, and with some new spellings, Geography and Science under their belts everyone is much better placed to deal with the chill outside!


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