English and Science: Year 3 and 4 Complete Poet Tree and "Snow Dough" Projects


Years 3 and 4 were very lucky to have two visiting teachers from the U.S. during the second half of the Autumn Term 2014.

Bridget Wojciechowski was teaching in Year 4 and she ran the following two projects: the Poet-tree in English, and the Snow Dough project in Science.


For the poet-tree project, Year 4 wanted to decorate the classroom Christmas tree! And what better way than to compose poems about Christmas and winter, in the shape of baubles and candy canes, they had great fun gathering round the tree and reading each other's poems.


Ms Wojciechowski told the children about how much snow she experiences in her home city of Chicago, and explained how they could build their own snowmen in the science lab, using bicarbonate of soda, salt, water and washing up liquid!

Using the children's excellent Maths and Science skills, the snow dough was made. The next stage provided even more fun as the children set about sculpting and putting the finishing touches to their snowmen.


As a leaving present from Ms Wojciechowski, the children were given some ready made snow dough to take home along with the instructions for making their own.


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