English: Pre-Prep Pupils Undertake Antarctic Safari


The start of the Spring Term has seen the Bede's Pre-Prep children embarking on series of animal safaris. They are in Antarctica at present!

This morning was the 58th Birthday of the Antarctica Science Centre, which was celebrated with an expedition to view penguins and Snow Petrels and which ended with drinking hot chocolate around a fire.


On their return, the children all wrote an entry in their Antarctica diaries and made their writing interesting by using adjectives from the Senses Word Wall that they have created.

The live Antarctica webcam that we have been streaming in the classroom has elicited huge interest in the children, with pupils looking at it every morning when they arrive in school. It may yet be, what with some snow predicted for the South East of England, that they could soon be exploring frozen climes in reality and not just their imaginations.


Next week sees the Safari Truck taking the children to warmer climates (a desert, no less!) where new adventures will undoubtedly begin…  


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