Drama: Year 3 and 4 Treasure Island


After weeks of intensive rehearsal, line-learning and song practising, the Year 3 and 4 production of Treasure Island had its performances on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 February.

All the children got thoroughly involved in the action, and there were many stand-out moments, although what was most noticeable was the overall quality of performance from the young ensemble.


The whole cast sang the songs to a high standard, spoke their lines clearly and with conviction, and stayed in character while on stage; a considerable achievement for this age range!

Rather than taking my word for it, please read the review by Sasha Akhtyrs'ka, a Ukrainian student, who wrote the piece to the right as part of her English Language learning programme.


Mr Bryant

Head of Religious Studies and Year 3 Form Teacher



Cuteness and happiness filled my vision during the Year 3 and 4 production of Treasure Island.

The pride of the children was everywhere. Their smiles never faded. The moment everyone shouted, "Not the Black Spot!" and the lights dimmed and lit up again really made my day!


All of the actors played their characters well and the main pirate, Long John Silver, had makeup which made him look really old! The dancing and singing was perfect and the costumes were outstanding.

The look on the faces of the audience and parents around me almost made me cry; pride and happiness filled their hearts as they realised that their kids are growing up and becoming independent.


I would recommend this play to anyone, and wish to thank very much the staff and children who produced it.


Sasha Akhtyrs'ka

Year 8


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