Dance: Bede’s Prep Pupils Enjoy Brighton University Workshops


The Dance department was recently delighted to welcome UoB teachers and students back to Bede's Prep for a series of Dance Workshops in the Sports Hall.

The Univerity of Brighton's twelve PGCE students arrived at the Prep School in the early afternoon, with pupils from Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 enjoying classes prepared by those students about to qualify as dance teachers.


The classes had Cross-Curricular themes, with Year 3 pupils dancing in the style of Saxons and Vikings.

Year 2 were supposed to be spectating and getting a flavour of Dance in the main school but were delighted to be invited to take part! 


There were dances from Bollywood for Year 4, in keeping with the current India theme of their Integrated Curriculum topic, and Year 5 took part in dances depicting mechanical movement from the Industrial Revolution.

The afternoon was a sensational success, with Bede's Prep pupils taking advantage of all the room in the Sports Hall to express themselves through movement. 


Our thanks go to the University of Brighton for providing us such a large number of future teachers, all of whom delivered such engaging lessons. 


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