MFL: Théâtre Sans Frontières Performs For Years 3-6


Friday 13th is considered an unlucky day in Western superstition.

While Years 3 to 6 were lucky enough to be treated to a spectacular theatrical production on this date last week, there were a few surprises in store!


Théâtre Sans Frontières performed two plays in French, both traditional tales from the French-speaking island of Mauritius, to a very attentive audience.

In L'Arbre aux Gâteaux Tizan, a boy with a coin, two cakes and a magic tree encounters a hungry witch and a heroic cat. 

It got really scary at one point as they nearly cooked Tom from Year 5 in a giant roasting oven!


L'Homme au Banjo is a spooky tale that takes place on the night of the full moon when a banjo player looking for a party gets more than he bargained for.

Our Bede's pupils loved the giant skeleton even though it was very frightening!


The play engaged the children for around an hour and gave them the chance to join in with songs they had been learning in their recent French lessons.

It was a fantastic experience for pupils and staff who had the opportunity to attend.


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