English, French and Science: Studying The Eclipse


At Bede's Prep School, teachers are always looking to link learning together across the curriculum in exciting ways.

What better opportunity could they ask for than a solar eclipse?


As the skies grew increasingly dull last week, the pupils of Year 8 took to their interactive whiteboards to watch the excitement of the partial solar eclipse unfold via live feeds over the Internet.

In Science, pupils were taken through each step of the process by Mr Scott, watching how the temperature reduced while measuring the drop in light.


In English, the children used poetry as a stimulus for writing their own verses, watching how the environment was changing outside and incorporating this in their poems (an example is included below).

In French, Madame Allirot also used the eclipse as an opportunity to engage the pupils in asking questions about space, the planets and the skies.


They made posters and then quizzed each other, in French, on what was happening, and about the whole incident!




by Millie Head


With her gentle flames that keep the world in peace,

Her orange lips,

Her fiery hair,

She looks over us with her starry lemon eyes,

She ignores the old frail shadow moving closer and closer,

Until she's gone……


Her incredible colours gone,

Her amazing flames extinguished,

Her peace shattered


Everyone panics, like bombs about to explode,

For the sun is a deep orange flame that holds a home for nature,

Surrounded by silence,



Her glistening eyes appear once again,

The cold old thief disappears like a caterpillar;

Escaping from a wasp's nest.


All is like it was and her majestic flame is back to rule.


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