Science: Years 1 and 2 Solve Senior School Teddy Bear Mystery


Earlier this week, children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 travelled up to Bede's Senior School for a busy day of Science and discovery.

This Marvellous Middle trip provided a dazzling array of opportunities for the children to explore a wide variety of learning based around our topic of Animal Safari.


The children excitedly watched out of the windows as our Transport department escorted us to Abbots Wood where the pupils followed 'clues' in mixed age groups to find four very cheeky bears before being challenged to build a safe home for them.


Next, the children's Science skills were supported through an examination of different woodland objects that they were asked to find in a given timescale.

When the buses reappeared, the children thought that was the end of their adventure. Not so! The drivers had brought a letter from Senior School Headmaster Dr Maloney informing them how he had captured a missing bear who was waiting for them at the Senior School.


Having met the cheeky bear in the beautiful Crossways House, the children were treated to a bear-themed picnic lunch.


During the afternoon, we then enjoyed a handling session with Mr Jones in the Bede's Animal Management department, which included learning all about mammals like Polecats and Guinea Pigs to arachnids like Tarantulas and reptiles such as Royal Pythons!


All in all, our extended Teddy Bear's Picnic was a brilliant day of cross-curricular learning, and everyone at Holywell says a big 'thank you' to the Senior School staff and students who facilitated such an action-packed day.


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