What Is The Friends of Bede’s Prep?


After its launch in 2009, The Friends of Bede's Prep School quickly established itself as a popular and valuable asset to the school.

Made up of parents and staff who generously give their time to organise events in the busy Bede's calendar, our goal is simple: to strengthen further the Bede's sense of community by hosting a variety of fun and exciting events.


During its lifetime, FOBP has raised thousands of pounds for worthwhile causes, (funds are being raised this year for the new Pevensey Cancer Care Unit at the Eastbourne District General Hospital) while also helping to fund small projects around the Prep School.

The whole school community is invited to vote and choose a charity that the Friends will support for the year through a number of events including Coffee Mornings, such as the one which took place on Friday 6 March.

FOBP Coffee mornings are held on a Tuesday or Friday morning during the second week of each half term and are an opportunity for parents to catch up whilst enjoying the refreshments produced by the catering staff.


The Friends also offer a variety of supportive functions around the school, including the ever-popular Second Hand School Shop and providing advice and guidance at Open Mornings - the latter of which enables prospective parents to talk to mums and dads who know what life is like at Bede's.

Anyone with a connection to the school is welcome to join us at any time, and we are always looking for input and ideas.

Meetings are held approximately every six weeks, and with our most recent event, The Spring Ball, having just been held at the Cavendish Hotel in Eastbourne, we are now looking ahead to the future.


To contact Mrs Howell, please click here.

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