Art and Design: Year 3 Make Anglo-Saxon Coins


In their Art and Design classes this term, Year 3 have been studying and making their own Anglo Saxon coins.

Along the way we have been exploring and discussing the properties of the different metals that the coins were made of, including gold, silver, bronze and copper.


During our studies we have been researching lost and found buried coins and treasure found around England, identifying how erosion and decay has affected the coins surfaces.

As the children have discovered, almost all Anglo Saxon coinage had different patterns on their sides, much like coins today, and with this challenge in mind the pupils set about designing their own coins.


To do this, the children each made two stamps out of clay, drawing their pattern onto a clay cone which were then fired to make them strong enough to print with.

The stamps were then used to hallmark their own clay (the Art department budget couldn't quite stretch to precious metals!).


The children made round, flat, moulded pieces of clay which they then sandwiched in-between their stamps in order to create personalised, double-sided, Saxon-style coins.

The coins were then fired and painted with water colours, creating beautiful (and still very precious) coins like these:


The children all really enjoyed these different processes, especially as they were tied to the Year 3 Integrated Curriculum Topic for the term (Anglo Saxon Life) which has been taught across all their subjects, from History to English to Religious Studies.


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