Art and Design: Year 4 Craft Fish-Themed Plates


Year 4 have been busy making clay plates in their Art and Design lessons in recent weeks.

The children have designed their own plates around the theme of The Underwater World, choosing their own composition, fish and underwater environment.


After creating and designing their own template, the children etched through their original work to transfer their designs onto white, earthenware clay.

The children needed to demonstrate real care and focus while carving their designs into the surface of the plates as the next step involved adding and sculpting additional clay onto their plates to create a 3D effect.


To finish their work, Copper Oxide was then painted onto each plate, along with a Borax Frit Surface, with the two chemicals working together to add exciting white and green-blue tones.

The plates were then fired to 1020 degrees Celsius, with the results being of a very high standard - as you can see!


The students have been very pleased with what they have achieved, and I was extremely impressed with their focus and concentration throughout the process.

Well done Year 4!


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