Religious Studies: Year 4 Visit Brighton Pavilion and Museum


Year 4 visited the Brighton Pavilion and Museum last week to enhance their learning about India.

As we arrived at the Pavilion there were audible gasps from the children: the grand edifice looked stunning in the morning sunshine and it was easy to see the influence of Indian architecture on the exterior design of the building.


Over two hundred years ago, the Brighton Pavilion building existed in the simple form of a farmhouse. It was King George IV who commissioned extension into the  extravagant and beautiful building of today, which had long-been a local landmark, arts venue and tourist destination.

Besides its architecture, the other link the Pavilion has with India is that during the First World War injured Indian soldiers, who had joined with the allied forces, were able to be treated there and to convalesce.


The photographs of this period clearly show row upon row of hospital beds in the beautiful surroundings of the banqueting hall and the music room.

The huge kitchen, with its flagstone floor, became in the period a temporary operating theatre, and if the weather was good then the soldiers would sit outside on the benches, resting their weary bodies.


After a fascinating tour, Year 4 went to an India Workshop in the Brighton Museum. They dressed up in saris, tunics and wear juttis (embroidered leather sandals) and learned, along the way, that there is quite a skill to putting on a sari!

The pupils also discovered interesting facts out about Indian cooking implements and hindu wedding ceremonies, all of which resulted in an amazingly informative day.


Everyone enjoyed themselves and exhibited exemplary behaviour, which was commented on by the staff at the Pavilion and Museum.

Well done Year 4!


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