Bede’s Prep Artists' Towner Exhibit Celebrates Holywell


The pupils of Bede's Prep School looked into the past and used local history to inform their work, which is currently on display at the annual Schools Exhibition at Eastbourne's Towner Gallery.

This year's topic was linked to local places, with the Prep School's entry being based on the Holywell fishing hamlet of 1816, which was called 'Holly Well Furlong' until 1896.


Mrs Armitage, Bede's Prep School's Head of Art and Design, said of the project, "We looked into and researched the history of Holywell and discovered that there was a fishing hamlet down by the back of the school, on the lower cliff."

The pupils discovered, through looking at old maps, that the fishing hamlet existed from 1816-1896, but the local water board bought the land in 1896 because of the fresh water emerging from the chalk.


"We decided to use the 150-year old Ceramics studio as the basis for our piece, and have sought to represent it in local flint stone," Mrs Armitage explained.

The pupils subsequently learned about and explored the qualities of flint surfaces, creating a scaled-down version of the Ceramics Studio and making 200 clay fish before smoke-firing them within the clay structure.


"The piece we have made has no roof on, so the fish spill out of the roof in the Towner display," concluded Mrs Armitage.

The Towner Schools Exhibition opened on Thursday 26th March and will continue until Sunday 31st May.


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