Film Making: Bede’s Pupils Get Animated!


Mrs Allirot's Film Making Club, which runs at Bede's Prep on Tuesday afternoons, has recently seen pupils using a range of apps on the school iPads to make short films, from animations to interactive education tools.

"The objective of the Club is to encourage pupils to learn through doing," explains Mrs Allirot, "with a heavy emphasis being placed on experimentation and imagination - two things which are never in short supply at Bede's!"


Different pupils have been applying their new-found knowledge in all manner of different ways, such as budding film-maker James who used the skills he has acquired to create a short film using iMovie to present all of the Options available to Bedians during the Prep School's Co-Curricular Programme.

After the film was shown in assembly, James not only received a round of applause but also a hearty thank you from Bede's Prep School's Co-Curricular Coordinator Mr Howell, who was overjoyed to see the school's many Activities and Options being celebrated.

"With iMovie, you can easily make Hollywood-style trailers choosing from a range of templates, with the software offering budding film-makers a number of post-production options and enhancements including slow-motion and fast-forward functions, and the capacity to add soundtracks," Mrs Allirot explains.

"The idea that this kind of technology is so readily available to young people would be unimaginable even a few years ago."


Elsewhere this year, pupils have been using Smoovie, which is a fast and fun way to make stop-motion animations, to experiment with Lego blocks and small toys to create short narrative films. Others have created their own avatars using Voki - a website which enables pupils to select, customise and animate characters, adding voices and backgrounds to create interactive learning tools.

Possibly the biggest hit with the pupils has been Colarmix, however.

"This particular app enables users to print, colour and render drawings to create beautifully hand-animated 3D worlds," explains Mrs Allirot.

"Our experiments with Colarmix have been a huge success, and we are looking forward to showing some of our work on soon!"


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