Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Raises Funds For Mlambe


Following the tremendous success last year of the Prep School 'March in March' which raised money for a school in Mlambe, Malawi, pupils, staff and parents went 'mad' in March this year by taking part in a school cake sale and Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

Having already raised enough money this year to enable staff and volunteers to build a new classroom, this year's Tea Party looked to provide the funds for them to build a computer suite with internet access, and to generate power through the eco-friendly method of "Earth Bagging."


All the children had an opportunity during the School day to attend the Tea Party, where they were able to buy cakes and take part in a 'Mad Hat Parade' for their year group.

Prizes were awarded for each year group for the best headwear, as well as to an overall 'whole school' winner.


The quality and variety of hats was impressive, making judging these competitions very tricky for the Year 3 pupils who organised and ran the event.

As well as obviously enjoying the event itself, the children were delighted to have raised almost £350 and are already looking forward to being able to Skype some of the schoolchildren in Africa!


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