PSHCE: Eastbourne Parliamentary Candidates Visit Bede’s Prep


Tomorrow is polling day at Bede's Prep and, following a ten-day campaign, the pupils of Year 7 and 8 will vote for their preferred party.

Visits by Caroline Ansell, Conservative candidate, Jake Lambert, Labour candidate, and Eastbourne's MP for the last five years, Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat candidate, have given the children the chance to hear and to question the views of the main contenders.


There has been much discussion and leaflets and posters have been on display!

Today a political debate was held in which pupils represented all the parties standing for election, giving details of manifestoes and aims.

Tomorrow, when the country goes to vote, we will set up polling booths and produce ballot papers, so that the pupils can make their choice.


We intend to compare our results with both those of the local constituency, Eastbourne and Willingdon, and with the national result.

Maybe, we will be the first to declare and predict the trend!


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