English, Maths and Science: Year 1 Have A Cracking Half Term


This half-term has seen the topic 'Out of the Egg' inspiring Year 1 pupils to improve their literacy, numeracy and science skills in a diverse number of exciting, egg-themed ways.

The topic kicked off at the beginning of term when Year 1 arrived in their classrooms to find eggs which had made the classrooms in Holywell their homes. The children immediately began to predict and brainstorm what else could be inside the eggs, and before long the mystery became all consuming!


The children wrote notes, messages and letters to leave by the egg and then began to use the school iPads to take photos and, via the the app Poplett, record which animals lay eggs. Some children even decided to make and display 'Lost' posters to help solve the mystery, thinking about using appropriate descriptive vocabulary to engage passers-by!

After much anticipation, the egg hatched and inside was a small but friendly baby dragon!

A vote was held to determine the name of the dragon - who is called Harry - before he visited each child's home.

Mathematical opportunities were created in using coins to purchase items for the dragon and give change, and the children had to use their critical thinking skills when constructing an appropriately-sized bed using various 3D shapes.


Year 1 learning their Dragon Dance for Arts Week with Ms Mizon.

The excitement surrounding the hatching egg led to some outstanding creative writing based upon the text 'George and the Dragon' by Chris Wormell. The level of writing produced demonstrated a significant maturity in our girls and boys, and it has become increasingly evident throughout the term that our focus on punctuation and descriptive vocabulary has been successful.

We also explored historical events both in the past, such as the myth of St George and the Dragon, and more recent, such as the 'hatching' of the Royal baby and the General Election; the children used their new skills to retell these stories, comparing and contrasting events in significant detail.


Finally, the children all worked together to decide on appropriate materials to use to create a giant dragon for their classrooms, and the half term concluded with our Marvellous Middle trip to Sharnfold Farm.

This trip enabled the children to explore and extend their scientific knowledge around plants and growth whilst also considering appropriate food that may help Harry grow!


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