Drama: Year 5 Transports Audiences With 'Wizard' Production


Well, we really didn't need a twister to blow our minds in the recent Year 5 production!

From the very start of the show, the audience was drawn into the magical story, following Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin man and Lion on their quest to find the Emerald City.


The opening scene created the chaos that was about to unfold, as news of the storm was delivered. Dorothy, unaware of the danger, sang 'Over the Rainbow' dreaming of another land, with both actresses playing this role angelically and with such confidence.

Dorothy next tumbled into the Land of the Munchkins, where we met a number of colourful and amusing characters.

The parts of Scarecrow, Tin man and Lion were played with such professionalism, and again they charmed us with their beautiful songs, and the Kalidahs, the Wicked Witch's troop of evil forest dwellers, were so unsavoury and mysterious, that we really believed they could do some harm!


As scary as the Kalidah's were, The Wicked Witch was even more frightening, delivering powerful and spooky songs with her telescopic eye...

Thankfully, good conquered evil and the Wizard's identity was revealed; he was Barnaby Smith, a normal man!

Dancing crows, singing munchkins, jovial guards, a personal assistant with an iPad, hissing tree spirits and so very much more - this was a visually sensational production. The music helped create the atmosphere and the costumes were simply stunning.


All of the Year 5 children took part and every single one of them gave 100% to their performances. There were so many stand out individuals that it would be hard not to give credit to the entire year. It will be most exciting to see what they can produce in the future.

A special mention should go to Mrs Brundle, Mr Gisby, Mr Hughes, Mrs Mizon and Mr Meier, who brought the production together in direction, vision, music and dance. With so many other helpers backstage, it really was a huge team effort.

Nevermind 'there's no place like home', there really is no place like Bede's!


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