MFL: Year 7 Trip To Normandy


In May 2015, 18 Year 7 pupils went to the Château de la Baudonnière in Normandy for a week to improve their language skills and undertake exciting activities - all through the medium of French!

On the first day, the children learnt circus techniques and traditional photographic development.  In the afternoon, we headed for the beach and enjoyed a picnic followed by some beach games.

After a good night's sleep, team Year 7 were up early to explore a local French market! Euros in hand, it was not long before the team had learnt how to haggle in French!


After lunch, we took part in a bread making activity and the end result was some very… interesting shaped bread! This was then enjoyed as part of our evening meal.

The rest of the week was action packed with activities at Le Chateau. Pupils enjoyed a variety of workshops such as fencing, archery, canoeing, climbing and aeroball.


The highlight of the trip had to be the assault course on the last day; everyone got very muddy!

We all enjoyed our French evening, where costumes were donned and snails eaten, and on another night we had a fantastic barbecue and talent show which was enjoyed by all.


On our last day there, we received some alarming news: due to industrial action in France, our return ferry had been cancelled. We broke the news to the children, expecting huge concern, but instead they immediately assumed we would have to stay on for a further week and were extremely excited at the prospect!

As it was, we used an alternative route and were back at school in good time, but it was brilliant to see so many boys and girls so enthused about using the French language.


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