Pre-Prep Sports Day 2015


One of the highlights of the Academic Year took place on Tuesday, on a clear if slightly cooler day.

The proceedings opened in spectacular form with all the children performing a dance, choreographed by themselves and Mrs Mizon, Bede's Prep School's Head of Dance.


Linked to this terms topic 'Out of the Egg' and with music from How To Train Your Dragon, we had children hatching out of dragon eggs, powerful interpretations of adult dragons by Year 2 and smaller dragons practising their balancing skills from Year 1.

We also witnessed sincere and strong performances from our Year 2 girls as Clouds and Wind.


This led the children into all taking part in at least three races where their determination and agility shone through.

The skills that the children have learned in Physical Education, Dance and Swimming lessons throughout the year all came together to make for a magnificent sporting event, so well done to all of the pupils.


Special mention should also go to the many Mums and Dads who supported their children by taking part in the 'Adult Races' - much to everyone's delight.

Due to the cooler weather, picnics were enjoyed in the Dining Room this year.


All in all, Sports Day 2015 was a resounding success; thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make it as fun as it turned out to be!


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