English: New ‘Bede’s Reads’ Programme Launches


Sshhhhh, please - we’re reading!

Don’t be surprised if you are asked to remove your shoes and whisper if you visit Bede’s Prep School in the early afternoons. We have started our Reading for Pleasure sessions this year and any noise may disturb the air of calm and reflection that has developed around the school at these times.


Children and staff alike are getting the reading bug!

Why the new focus on reading? Well, members of the English Department were somewhat perturbed by what they learned when, over the summer, they attended a seminar on the importance of reading.

They were shocked to learn that, in the literacy league tables produced by OECD in 2013, the United Kingdom was placed 22nd out of 24 countries and that, in a recent, comprehensive study of 400 schools by one of the country’s leading publishing companies, many children failed to read for pleasure at the age of 11 and were beginning to develop short attention spans.


Determined that children at Bede’s are not going to become one of these grim statistics, we have embarked on a new programme of reading.

We want to inspire children to pick up a good book and get lost in a story; to try different genres, and to explore the writer’s craft.

Our Library is filled with an excellent variety of texts to suit all tastes, and staff are on hand during all break-times to recommend good reads. We have also devised a new Bede’s Reads Challenge – with bronze, silver and gold awards – which will encourage reading for pleasure.


Elsewhere, our annual Book Week begins on the 5th October and the school will be abuzz with visiting authors, competitions and quizzes, treasure hunts, and costume days – all geared to whet the children’s appetites for reading.


Feel free to email me via gail.brundle@bedes.org if you have further ideas on how to encourage children to read or would like our recommended reading list.


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