Reception: Special Little Treasures


It’s fairly typical for Mums and Dads to worry about their child’s first day at school, but our Reception children have settled in and gelled so quickly as a group that it already feels like they have been here forever!

One of the tools we have used to help the girls and boys to make friends is through the use of Treasure Boxes.


Each of the children has made one and decorated it to match their personality, filling it full of special things and then storing them for later.

We have then enjoyed discovering and exploring as a group a new Treasure Box behind the classroom door each day; this has enabled each member of the class to practise their speaking skills, and it has been brilliant to see their confidence developing as they talk about the things that are special to them.


Elsewhere, as the children have familiarised themselves with their classroom environment they have quickly embraced the diverse array of different learning opportunities laid out for them each morning.

Lots of model-making has happened and the children have demonstrated great focus and determination in order to achieve their desired results.


Last but not least, the children have been busy exploring numbers and letters through a variety of activities including practising their name-writing skills using pens, paint and chalk.

As is always the case at Bede’s, we have ensured that all of the children are encouraged to think independently about how they learn and the tasks they engage in, but during these early days of the year it is so important that we provide an exciting start to their school journey.


Thankfully, the children have risen to the challenges we have set them and I for one am very happy to be surrounded by so many little treasures!


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