Year 7: Friendships Forged on Team Building Day 2015


My team and I are delighted to have welcomed so many new children into Year 7 this year and thoroughly enjoyed taking all 58 pupils out of their timetabled lessons on Friday to get to know one another and engage in some fun, teambuilding games.  

The purpose of the games was to involve each child, old and new, and integrate the children into the Bede's community.


Somebody had a cracking time...

To this end, randomly-assembled teams had an egg and spoon race, moved a hula-hoop around a circle whilst holding hands and, finally, had to find a partner in a matching cards game which served as a prompt for the children to engage in conversation and find out something new about one another. 


As a school, we believe that children learn best in an environment where they feel that they are known and understood, and where they have a sense of belonging.


Taking care over the social aspects of schooling helps children to be happy and secure, and we hope that Team Building Day 2015 established some essential foundations for learning and development - both of which are key focuses of the ongoing Pastoral Programme at Bede's.


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