Gifted and Talented: Year 4 Curriculum Enrichment Day


As part of our Curriculum Enhancement Programme, a group of Year 4 children from the Prep School were joined by Year 4 children from seven local primary schools at a recent Gifted and Talented Day.

The children worked in three groups and took part in a variety of activities in Science, Languages, Art and Physical Education.


Learning how Fireworks are made in Science seemed to be the highlight of the day for many, although other favourites included playing the ‘Killer Handshake Game’ in Japanese,  learning how to write in Russian, designing and firing ceramic tiles and honing their skills in Tennis and Cricket.


We of course say thank you to all the schools who sent their best and brightest to us for the day and we now look forward to our next Curriculum Enrichment Day, which will take place in the next half of term.


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