Science: Year 4 Study Ocean Habitats at Brighton Sea Life Centre


On Friday 2nd October Year 4 visited the Brighton Sea Life Centre as part of this half-term’s Habitat topic.

The budding scientists started their day with a guided tour of the facility and learned first about the amazing spider crabs and their dramatic lives on the ever-changing sea shore.

We then went to hear about the Sea Life Centre’s green turtles, Lulu and Gulliver, in the main auditorium pool, discussing how much of the life in the oceans is migratory.


After the ‘Turtley Amazing’ talk the children went in groups through the Centre’s glass tunnel to see the turtles, rays and black-tipped reef sharks gliding elegantly above their heads.

The next talk was ‘Breed, Rescue and Protect’ in which the children learned all about the Sea Life Rescue Sanctuary in Zakynthos, Greece.

The talk covered the multitude of breeding programmes that the Sealife Centre is involved in, including those which help to preserve particular species such as seahorses from becoming endangered.


Throughout the talk, the message of conservation was repeated with passion and gusto, and it was a message Year 4 were happy to take on board.

In the end, after a final discussion about the lives of sharks and rays, the children came back to school thoroughly enthused about the things they had learned during their visit.


Thank you to all the staff at Bright Sea Life Centre for making the day so enjoyable and informative; next up, it will be time to learn about the lives of reptiles and amphibians!


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