FOBP: Bede's Fireworks Display Lights Up Eastbourne


There are moments when all the fates conspire to make life perfect, and our recent Fireworks Party was definitely an example.

Over 800 guests streamed through the gates at the Prep School on 6 November to take part in our fabulous Fireworks Party. Everyone wrapped up warm, donned their rainmacs and ventured out to enjoy some of the fantastic stalls on offer including the Pink Ladies Makeover Room, the Human Fruit Machine, and Play your Cards Right. 


There were also some very pink-faced fathers taking part in Mr Atherton's and Mr Allan's Rowing Challenge. As usual, delicious food and heavenly hot chocolate was in plentiful supply to warm the chilliest of hands.


Despite weather warnings in the days leading up to the event and a steady drizzle throughout the day and late afternoon, the rain clouds all but disappeared ten minutes before the first fireworks were set off and stayed away for the rest of the evening.


And what a display it was; twenty minutes of absolute perfection with the crowd's gasps, 'oohs and aahs' even outdoing the loudness of the rockets at some points.

Children sang along to the music that accompanied the fireworks with a little boy turning to his father partway through a song, in utter wonder, to exclaim, "That made the sky look like dancing golden angels."


We are so pleased to have the support of such a fantastic parental body who make these events worthwhile and of course the staff who give of their time so willingly to ensure that it was a success.

However, very special thanks goes to our very own Fireworks Fairy, Ms Emma Corbett, who oversaw the whole thing with aplomb and good humour, and ensured that it went with a bang in more ways than one!


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