MFL and Geography: International Education Week


International Education Week, which took place between 16-20 November this year, is an opportunity to promote the importance of building an international dimension to the education of young people in the UK at all levels.

At Bede’s, we know that familiarity with other cultures and modern foreign languages skills are an essential part of preparing young people to work in the increasingly globalised economy.

With this in mind, the MFL and Geography departments at Bede’s Prep looked to celebrate International Education Week by offering the children a Homework Challenge linked to  some British Council goals. 


Pupils could choose from a number of challenges, such as creating a song in a modern foreign language or trying new cuisines from different cultures.

The children picked up the opportunity and ran with it, earning Section Points and prizes for their efforts.

We received fantastic entries from pupils from Year 3 right up to Year 8, with Arabella winning the MFL competition and Humreen winning the Geography contest.


Well done to all the pupils who took part, and thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of International Education Week!


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