Music: Pre-Prep Autumn Concert Hits The High Notes


Our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils recently took part in an informal Autumn concert in the theatre, eagerly watched by family and friends.

Our Head of Music Mrs Pendry led the pupils through a range of songs and it was lovely to see all the children really enjoy singing with one another.

With most songs chosen having some sort of dance and movement routine, it brought smiles to the room watching them all wiggling and jiggling along to the words. I am sure many watching found it hard not to join in!


We also heard some fantastic solo performances on the piano, with some brave pupils having only been learning their first instrument since the start of term. It was lovely to see not just their confidence, but now supported they were by all their friends.

Mrs Pendry explained that unlike some instruments which are adapted for smaller hands, the piano is not, so does take skill and patience to press and stretch their fingers to the correct notes. It was so lovely to see how many children had started to learn an instrument and I wonder how many were inspired to follow in their footsteps.


Some of our pupils who have been learning for a year or more also played some beautiful pieces of music and you had to remind yourself every once in a while that the children are 5, 6, and 7 years old.

Such talent and passion at such a young age is fantastic to see, and well done to everyone who took part.


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