English and Art: A Little Rain Can’t Stop Year 2!


Year 2’s programme of Beach Learning has continued through the autumn, with the children recently defying the rain to create artwork from the text they are studying in English.

The Jolly Postman by Janet and Allan Ahlberg has inspired the writing of countless letters and postcards which have been dispatched all over the country; we have already received a number of responses – news on those will be coming soon!


These exercises have fitted into our wider theme for the term, ‘Knock Knock’, which has also incorporated learning the history of the postal service and the geography of the UK.

The children have most recently written letters to schools in cities further abroad and we were happy to learn just the other day that our postcards sent to Chicago arrived safely - sent to a visiting teacher who will shortly be joining us from America!


When writing their letters and postcards, the children have had to think about composition, audience and structure – the same considerations that were applied to the pieces of artwork they produced on the beach.

Despite the drizzle, the exercise was thoroughly enjoyed by all – in part, no doubt, because we were interacting with the beautiful natural environment around Bede’s Prep.


That said - thank goodness for welly boots!


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