Science: Year 4 Enjoy Reptile and Amphibian Workshop


As part of Year 4's Science topic, 'Habitats' the children had the wonderful opportunity of learning about adaptation and habitats of many living creatures particularly from the Tropics.

The workshop was hosted by Tony Mace from Zoo2You and the children were enthralled throughout!

The first creature they encountered was an African Bullfrog, a brave, bold ambush predator with very strong crushing jaws.

The children discussed what the key elements of a habitat were, including shelter, food, water, warmth and the opportunity to find a mate; Mr Mace subsequently talked them through how the adaptable African Bullfrog sets about living in diverse habitats ranging from the dry savannah to tropical marshlands.


Next we met the incredibly hard to spot, camouflaged brown Malaysian Leaf Frogs. These were followed by the Red Eye Tree Frog which has bright blues and reds in its colourings which make predators believe that it is poisonous - very cunning!

Olivia and Milo then volunteered to hold the beautifully marked Leopard Gecko, with Olivia describing how its skin felt; cold, dry and bumpy!

Milo then described the tail as "quite plump" which is understandable: it is the Gecko's food store.


All the children went on to make an observational drawing of a part of a Giant Leaftail Gecko or a Chameleon, with the creatures making very good models for the most part - except when the gecko made a leap onto my cardigan!

During the drawing session, Mr Mace held a live locust about 30cm from the chameleon which drew its attention. In the blink of an eye, its long tongue lashed out and snatched the locust from his fingers, much to everyone's delight (save, most likely, from the locust's).

The workshop finished with the children having the opportunity to stroke a Madagascan Ground Boa.


Everyone enjoyed the amazing time we spend with Mr Mace, with the children all listening carefully and making valuable contributions to the discussion.

We have now taken our knowledge of habitats and the organisms' adaptations back to school where we are exploring ideas related to evolution and climate change.


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