History and Science: Year 6 Enjoy Residential Trip to Birmingham


Last week saw Bede’s Prep School’s Year 6 pupils visiting the historic city of Birmingham, including trips to Drayton Manor, Think Tank Science Museum, Cadbury’s World and Warwick Castle.

Our first stop at Drayton Manor saw the park opened only for our benefit; we had the run of the place and enjoyed a series of workshops including about meerkat habitats and social hierarchy, another about monkeys and a classroom session on the zoo’s conservation programmes.


Along the way, the children fed maggots to the meerkats, handled a python and grappled with some hissing cockroaches, all before a fascinating session on the science of rollercoasters – part of which saw the children designing their own rides!

For our evening’s entertainment, we then visited the Tamworth Snowdome where the children took to the ice with the help of My Barclay and Mr Meier; apart from a few bumps and scrapes a great time was had by all!

Tuesday provided another action-packed day, with our first stop being The Think Tank Science Museum.


We enjoyed a workshop on Space, the Planets and being an astronaut before visiting the Planetarium for a look at the night sky and the Solar system.

In all honesty, we could have stayed at The Think Tank all day but all too soon it was time to leave for our next stop – Cadbury’s World!

Our time at Cadbury’s amazing facility began with a look at the history of the Cocoa bean, its importance to the Aztecs, Emperor Montezuma and its introduction to Spain and eventually the rest of Europe.


A walking tour followed, during which the children learned all about the history of Cadbury, the purchase of Bourneville for its workers and how packaging is created.

The highlight of the trip for many was the taster session – a cup of warm chocolate to which you can add your own sweets while learning about how chocolate bars are made. Mouth-watering and informative!

Our second evening was spent climbing, and it was amazing to see how quickly the children took to the climbing walls, with many mastering the trickier rocky outcrops designed to test their skills.


The final day saw us visit Warwick Castle, with the morning seeing the children enjoying a guided tour and workshop on castle defence and attack, all of which ties into the Year 6 History curriculum.

After lunch we then learned all about Dark and Medieval-age crime and punishment, with the details of some grisly punishments, including the stocks, floggings and being boiled alive, really capturing Year 6’s attention!


After a quick visit to the castle play area we were then back on the coach and headed homeward, arriving back at school tired, happy and pumped full of new information.

Well done, Year 6 – you behaved brilliantly and it is impressive to note already how much of our whirlwind trip you can all remember!


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