PSHE: Year 6 Team Building Reaps Rewards


Last half term saw Year 6 settling brilliantly into their new Form Groups, learning their way around the school and getting used to their new timetables.

To help them on their way, earlier in the term we engaged the pupils in a fun team-building task in a PSHE lessons that involved the children taking the idea of ‘team building’ literally.

The challenge the groups were set was to build the most impressive structure they could out of Lego, all with the knowledge that they would be assessed on their team work, co-operation, organisation, planning, and clear and effective communication.

The children did brilliantly, and along the way I could see friendships slotting together just like the Lego bricks they were handling!


These solid and colourful foundations have only been built upon since, with the children rolling up their sleeves and starting work on the Year 5 and 6 pantomime, learning their lines and attending lots of rehearsals.

With new Deputy Head Mr Purkiss and new Director of Studies Mr Wood joining the school, we have also been taking a long hard look at the Year 6 curriculum, thinking about things we might like to do differently in the coming terms - from the Sections system to the academic curriculum.

Even before this work has reached fruition though, we have seen a huge increase in reading this year compared to last. This has no doubt been enabled by the new Bede’s Reads scheme, and I have very much enjoyed seeing the children reading together in groups, talking about books and sharing their favourite authors.

All of this camaradie makes me rather happy - not least when I think back to the trepidatious first days of the year.

Well done Year 6 - you have built something amazing!


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