Tennis: Bede's Toddlers Ace Their First Term


Tennis racquets at the ready!

Our toddlers have been strengthening their hand eye coordination skills with our tennis coach, Mrs Nash, this term and have begun to really hit the ball well, showing great concentration and patience along the way.

One major challenge they have been facing however is balancing the ball on the racquet, which can become very frustrating. Apparently it never sits still!


Most recently, the children have been looking at the distance they can hit the ball, swapping the usual tennis balls for some indoor soft balls to aid the fun of ducking out of the way of wayward shots.

The children became particularly excited to see their hard work paying off as Mrs Nash brought out the nets and started to teach the children how to get the ball over it and start a rally!


Mrs Nash said of the lessons, "It has been exciting to see how well the children have progressed this term, and watching them having fun whilst learning a new skill certainly adds to both their enjoyment and my own."



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